Posted by: Clarinette | February 19, 2010

jeff Jarvis tought me iomega sucks

Not neglecting any advice, after having spend some time on the iomega Prestige this morning I think I’ve spoted the issue: the plugging into the Computer is look on the iomega hard drive and this might be the reason why it’s ‘drawning too much power’ and why it gets disconnected. I had a similar issue whith a loose wire on my laptop.

If only iomega cared a little bit about their customers, they could have a look at it and save my data.
Thanks to Jeff Jarvis , after watching this video :
It sounds like the magical word would be iomega sucks, and yes it sucks. Though sucks it hasn’t been my favorite vocabulary but what not to do to wake up iomega customer service that sucks!!!

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