Posted by: Clarinette | March 31, 2010

What is the cost of Free or Free is not free

Oh yes, we know that.

Do we really ?

After Google human mistake of sending out messages to the wrong people:

After Tmobile loosing clients contacts:

here the last one: Facebook ‘briefly’ made public email addressses

and from LifeHacker

and others….

Yes, l’erreur est humaine. It happens more and more often as encreases the volume of data stored.

What users can really expect from a ‘free’ service?

Is this all free? This is where it worth asking ourselves: What those free Services Are Really Costing us?

Some element of answers here:

‘When FREE Is Definitely Not: What Those Free Services Are Really Costing You’



  1. ‘Facebook bug exposes private emails’
    “Outgoing US Federal Trade Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour complained earlier this month that too many social networks are pushing the boundaries when it comes to consumer privacy concerns.”

  2. More on the Facebook bug
    We learn that between others, Editor Zach Seward had his inbox ‘flooded with 100 personal messages intended for other people.’ Gavin Dunaway is asking:
    ‘Is the ‘book’s gotten too big for its britches?’
    ‘With all these privacy issues, will the kids (and parents and grandparents) start abandoning Facebook?’
    Beacon, Google Buzz, change of privacy policy without notification, where is the consent, where is the consideration for users’ privacy?

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