Posted by: Clarinette | April 9, 2010

SAD but Ironic : ‘The legislative farce of the Digital Economy Act’

Between the many comments that I have read on this post Digital Economy day, Two reported here could summed it up.

A first article by Stuart Robertson on Times Online titles: ‘The legislative farce of the Digital Economy Act’-

I did like very much the comparison: ‘two things you should never see made: laws and sausages.’ An important regulation and so little MPs dared to turn up.
Find it very regrettable that the Bill “was subjected to the ‘wash up’ process, a pre-election rush-through designed to pass uncontroversial, uncontested Bills before Parliaments dissolve”.
It was a shame that whilst the “Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt called it “a weak, dithering and incompetent attempt to breathe life into Britain’s digital economy.” he still ‘voted for it.”
And yes, a Bill of that importance “deserved proper debate and proper scrutiny but it received neither.”
It was a matter of democracy, that individuals fundamental rights and privacy to be more deeply discussed and not rushed by better advised Representatives.

It was at the same time sad but Ironic to see copy of a letter from the Minister of the Digital economy confusing the IP address and the ‘Intellectual Property’. in BoingBoing :



  1. I think the best way forward is a boycott:

    I don’t know how to explain to my 14 year old son’s friends and study buddies that they are no longer welcome to use the WiFi in our home because I can’t afford the risk of being accused of being a copyright infringer and/or sued.

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