Posted by: Clarinette | April 12, 2010

Anti-piracy Act or the cats and mice game?

“How File-Sharers Will Bypass UK’s Anti-Piracy Act”

In this paper, TorrentFreak expose the many ways for file sharer to bypass the anti-piracy Act.

As said, “The problem with using technology to fight technology is that it’s only a matter of time before the latter catches up with the former.”

I am not encouraging illegal file-sharing but this article is a good demonstration of how the Digital Economy Bill is unable to reach it’s goal and will cost big investments for everyone, from the ISPs to each of us. A new DRM fiasco, but more than that a danger for privacy and human rights as already mentioned in previous articles, see:

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Thanks to my Twitter friend @cyberdoyle to point me to this Good clear analysis of the Digital Economy Act 20q0:

The considers the Bill ‘was rushed through parliament at the last minute without proper discussion just before the election, and is widely seen as a badly conceived and badly worded Act. ‘ and develop the cost of the new regulation. I have wrote shorttly on the subject, asking why should we all pay for the interest of a wealthy industry?

Updates: Why public wifi could be a thing of the past in the UK thanks to draconian new law

The #debill ‘could’ threaten 3G internet for iPhones

Publicity provokes firm into file-sharing rethink

Internet piracy: the fictional figures
An article in French on how innocent IP addresses are introduced into the IP lists ‘swarm’ of P2P users (bitTorrent Code name: seedfuck). Read: ‘SeedFuck : l’arme à dénonciations calomnieuses anti-HADOPI
‘Torrent Poisoning : le p0c qui vient de tuer HADOPI’


  1. […] For more background, a previous paper: HADOPI, ACTA, Digital Economy Bill: From Human Rights to Economic Rights In French: HADOPI-ci, HADOPI-la, Le DPI me fait mal à ma democratie! Anti-piracy Act or the cats and mice game? […]

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