Posted by: Clarinette | April 13, 2010

OFCOM is getting ready for the P2P fight

Today, you can read on <a title="Covering the UK’s Digital Media Economy" href="”><img src="" alt="Covering the UK’s Digital Media Economy | paidContent:UK” />

Digital Economy Act: Ofcom Gives Four Months For P2P Consultation

Ofcom says
—It will draft the code, governing how ISPs must notify infringing subscribers, by May, and will put it out to widespread consultation.
—It will settle on the code by September.
—It will submit the code, in the form of a draft statutory instrument, for required European Commission approval at the same time, by September.

Since EC approval takes at least three months, it means infringing downloaders will not start receiving letters from their ISPs until at least December 2010.

We are hoping more transparency and the respect of fundamental rights and users’ privacy in the implementation of the new measures. Will they use DPI, filtering or honey pots  to trap infringers? The possible impacts call for close scrutiny.

Good luck Ofcom!



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