Posted by: Clarinette | April 24, 2010

The most amzing tool ever:the Pearltrees

I can’t wait before sharing my new toy. No, not just a toy but an amazing useful tool.
I had been looking for a tool to aggregate my various readings by theme, and here came this morning, after a quick look at Patrice’s tree, I decided to jump in and start my own pearltree,
There has been a lot going on recently on the anti-counterfeiting regulations in the world.
At this point, the tree might look a bit confusing but I needed to aggregate as much sites as possible where the subjects were discussed. I could eventually separate ACTA/HADOPI/DEBILL
Please let me know if you considered this to be of any use for others.
Sites are grouped by 3 main subjects: ACTA, HADOPI and DEBILL
Some sub-divisions for sites in French – German – Spanish – German
Plus some common info such as deep packet inspection, the cost of free etc…

I guess, you should find my pearls by clicking on ‘clarinette02’ pearl at the center.
Clarinette 02 pearltrees



  1. What a fantastic tool, and I am just starting to browse throught it!

  2. Isn’t it amazing Tom!! I think they’ve done a great job and deserve publicity.

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