Posted by: Clarinette | May 7, 2010

CCTV Cameras are watching us. Are we secure?

Update 22/01/2011
Britain’s ‘creeping’ spy cameras’
Update 20/01/2011:
UK Is CCTV creeping too far?
D.C. expanding public surveillance camera net
Via @hiiamfoz: Is CCTV creeping too far? Britains could be among the worlds most watched people.
Nova Scotia shoplifters beware – hundreds of eyes in the United Kingdom may be watching you.’

Update 18/01/2011 :
Unsecured IP cameras accessible to everyone‘ – You feel secure?

Marc Rotenberg, from, recently started a discussion on Facebook on the effectiveness of CCTV cameras surveillance. “Preliminary conclusion about Times Square investigation: rapid processing of crime-scene evidence is critical, surveillance cameras are a waste of time and money. What do you think?”

An important question I thought worth to compile a pearltree of links and articles on the subject. The overal conclusion is:
1- Invasion of Privacy;
2- Mistrust perception;
3- Several studies have not proven significant effectiveness if any at all…
4- Misuse and abuse of the footage captured by CCTV cameras;
5- More efficient and cheaper means exists.
6- Very little cases would have been solved using CCTV footage.

Please let me know and bring your own knowledge to complete the compilation pearltree (click on each ‘pearl’ to access the linked website.

@Manhack suit egalement de pres le sujet depuis un certain temps et vient de poster ce matin cet article qui abonde dans le meme sens: ‘La vidéosurveillance coûte cher pour un résultat très limité

Ca serait peut-etre une bonne idee de commencer a reconsiderer la position et d’investir ailleurs pour plus de securite.



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