Posted by: Clarinette | May 27, 2010

Rules Around Your Child’s Cell Phone Use.

I am reproducing here, a comment I have posted responding to ‘Kid Phone Advocate’ question: ‘Do you have rules around your child’s cell phone use? If so – tell us what they are.’

1- why on earth kids would need monthly contract encouraging them to waste time on phone calls and SMS ?

2- not enough parents realize cell phone = independence, the good and the bad one.
a) kids can contact whoever they want without parents knowledge ;
b) geolocalisation tools allow third party to track kids.

3- Not enough parents realize how easily kids can access and surf the internet for the best and the worst. Filtering programs and monitoring software not ideal on cellphone.

2- and 3- are applicable to some electronic game devices such as Nintendo or PlayStation games where kids believe playing with under cover adults pretending to be a child.

4) kids access to social networking sites from cellphone. Bare in mind privacy issues. Don’t forget, when your kids give out their location, school, after school activities and holidays, this becomes a valuable source of information for burglaries. Think of the website ‘burglar me’ that collected information from social media usable for robbery.

5) have you ever heard of this new phenomena called ‘sexting’? sexting = texting sex messages or images. Kids take pictures of themselves, the partners, the enemies, friends in the changing rooms, teachers, etc… so easy and no cost involved, the picture can spread so quickly and one the button is pushed, no way to delete.
Schools should twice think about allowing digital cameras and cellphone during field trips.

My kids have only pay as you go cellphones with small credit. They are encouraged to ring me and I always call them back. That way, I control there phone usage, discouraging them from spending time on phone.

Kids go tired to school because while parents believe they are asleep they chat/play on cellphone or computers. I have many times seems my kids friends Instant Messaging pupping up very late or early mornings!

See also: ‘Instantly online-17 golden rules for mobile social networks ‘ not specifically focusing on kids mobile communications but with a good general overview.



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  2. This is an excellent post my friend. Every parent should read.

  3. I think most parents set boundaries for cell phone usage and kajeet can help with free parental controls. Check them out at and save 15% off any purchase.

    No contracts, no commitments, no huge bills! And they can only access kid friendly websites from a kajeet phone. We pay $14.99 a month for 60 anytime minutes and unlimited texting.

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