Posted by: Clarinette | June 7, 2010

An accidental patent on wi-fi sniff

Update 24/10/2010:
After finding nothing into Google’s WIFI data collect, once other Information Commissioner had done more investigations, eventually the UK ‘Privacy body to re-examine Google‘ says the BBC today.

The Telegraph goes further: ‘Google spied on British emails and computer passwords‘. As the investigations have showed ‘The company has admitted it downloaded personal data from wireless networks’. Reminding that ‘In May this year, Google confessed the vehicles had also been gathering information about the location of wireless networks, the devices which connect computers to the telecommunications network via radio waves. Now the California-based company has revealed that far more information was harvested than was previously thought, after privacy regulators in seven countries analysed the data.’
No, UK watchdog was not included in this seven countries.

More on Google Street View saga in different countries: the pearltrees to click each pearl to access the link.

Google to hand over data to France, Germany and Spain.
On the other hand, the Australian police ordered investigations.
In the US, Google has been talking accident while Lawyers ‘have discovered evidence in a patent application that Google deliberately programmed its Street View cars to collect private data from open Wi-Fi… networks, despite claims to the contrary’ and ‘Claim Google Wi-Fi Sniffing ‘Is Not an Accident’.
NZ authorities considering investigation of Google.
Is the UK, the only Google paradise?
see more: Google Wi-Fi pearltree (click on each pearl to access the web link).


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