Posted by: Clarinette | June 11, 2010

A Penis In Every Public Conversation ?

Watching the video interview of Jeff Jarvis by/with Julia Allison.

I am reproducing here my questions on Twitter to Jeff Jarvis transparency advocate, hoping he will answer. We have had previously few exchanges on our mutual views on privacy and ‘nudity’ for instance around his views on the German saunas. (where each sauna user decides which sauna to go to, and is free to leave the place at ease, there is no camera zoom in out and no picture motion which is totally different from online exposure or what for instance Google Street View could broadcast).

Question 1- to @jeffjarvis : Watching your video, I wanted to ask you: if you were to be employed, would you mind your future employer knowing beforehand that you were undergoing cancer treatment? You are self employed, I’m thinking of a context such as the one in the movie ‘The Firm’ ?

Question 2- to @jeffjarvis You could ask Allison what would happen if she had chosen another carrier than the one she chosed, I mean, a less open to new media ? (or if an open to public, a more conservative such as politician, what could the impact of her past be on her future carrier?)

Question directly to @juliaallison watching your video with @jeffjarvis : Do you think you could have a less public life / profession today after such a big media exposure? How do you expect to protect yourself against online bullies or defamation?

Question 3- to @jeffjarvis: Even if in a public profession, if you were a porn actor for instance, would you tell everyone about your penis cancer?

Question 4- to @jeffjarvis: When you Google someone and make your judgment on them, how much are you sure these info are accurate or not from an homonym ? (BP has many false Twitter accounts at the moment but what if I opened a false Jeff Jarvis account with false information? how do you expect third parties to judge, analyze information spread over the net? I personally have few homonyms, even my username clarinette is used by another French lady leaving in the UK. How do you expect your full transparency theory to work in an open wide global context ?)

Ultimately, I wish to ask Jeff if he really think the path of his being in public sphere could be the one of every lambda citizen?

I will wait for Jeff’s answers to develop more on my personal ideas.
I think we need to go over the traditional dichotomy public / private towards the concept of ‘control’ over our data and transparency from data collector/processor (a distinction I found blurry and unnecessary in itself).

Maybe others could also join and enrich the debate.


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