Privacy Invasive Devices

Faster than privacy by design, privacy invasive tools are designed. Recently in the news: After Eric Schmidt’s comments on privacy / change of name, the ‘Finding your face anywhere on the internet‘ software allows you to be identified. I had blogged previously about targeted advertising using cameras in public places to deliver specific advertisement adaptedContinue reading “Privacy Invasive Devices”

The Cat in The Bin

Update 20/10/2010: ‘Cat bin woman Mary Bale fined £250 Mary Bale pleads guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to tabby she dropped in a bin, as judge accepts she has faced ‘vilification’ ‘ Today you might have heard the story of the person who threw a Cat In The Bin. No, not the Cat in theContinue reading “The Cat in The Bin”

To Buzz or not to Buzz

It all started by a Tweet by @Leolaporte RTed by @JeffJarvis stating : “@leolaporte divorces Buzz, remarries blog. @leolaporte: “4 yrs on Twitter, Jaiku, Friendfeed, Plurk, Pownce & Buzz has been an immense waste of time.” @leolaporte: “I was shouting into a vast echo chamber where no one could hear me because theyContinue reading “To Buzz or not to Buzz”

Cyber thieves extract information from SM

Guessing passwords to access account is easy, unless more care is taken to hide them and find some stronger passwords. They are many memotechnics to find stronger passwords and remember them. This article points onto the danger of online Social media information and especially the “Getting to Know You” quiz. ‘Cyber thieves mine information fromContinue reading “Cyber thieves extract information from SM”

Privacy, control and transparency

My Twitter friend Susan Lyon said once, the trouble with working on privacy is you are easily suspected of paranoia. Could it be due to the use of an inappropriate terminology? What I mean by ‘privacy’ is not ‘secrecy’, I mean ‘control’. Control over the spread and the processing of personal data. The subject isContinue reading “Privacy, control and transparency”

Cookie Madness, really?

Here my comment to Jeff Jarvis article that won’t appear on the comments: Here again: As a defender of transparency (naked sauna for all and everywhere) I would expect you to want the cookies’ action to have the same transparency, Jeff. How about giving the choice to be tracked or not. As I mentioned before,Continue reading “Cookie Madness, really?”