Posted by: Clarinette | August 1, 2010

Cookie Madness, really?

Here my comment to Jeff Jarvis article that won’t appear on the comments:
Here again:
As a defender of transparency (naked sauna for all and everywhere) I would expect you to want the cookies’ action to have the same transparency, Jeff.
How about giving the choice to be tracked or not. As I mentioned before, we have fidelity cards for mileage or supermarkets with financial compensation.
Re the comment below, computers are not yet exclusive to one user. Should cookies reveal visited websites to every user? Can’t I visit or purchase online without telling the whole household? Where is my fundamental right of surfing control? As I have already mentioned to you, a major difference between the sauna and the net, apart from the high temperature, is the choice of joining or leaving.
I don’t think you’d want to stay naked in every sauna in every situation. Would you?
I am awaiting your answers to my previous questions
Short review on cookies
on Facebook
Jeff Jarvis blog


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