Posted by: Clarinette | August 6, 2010

Cyber thieves extract information from SM

Guessing passwords to access account is easy, unless more care is taken to hide them and find some stronger passwords. They are many memotechnics to find stronger passwords and remember them.
This article points onto the danger of online Social media information and especially the “Getting to Know You” quiz.

‘Cyber thieves mine information from social networking sites‘



  1. Managing own’s passwords is always an issue. You can break the compromise between strength and convenience by having a look to this web app :

    This site can help you to manage an entire keychain of secret data, with a very smart way : the algorithm and cipher is done on the browser side in Javascript (no data in clear neither on the network nor in the web site). You can rely on helpers to generate the strongest password, and never bother to remeber it. Backup is possible, with offline use : download your data in a single html page with all logic and ciphered data embeded.

    No more social datamining to reveal your passwords any more…

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