Posted by: Clarinette | August 24, 2010

The Cat in The Bin

Update 20/10/2010:

Cat bin woman Mary Bale fined £250
Mary Bale pleads guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to tabby she dropped in a bin, as judge accepts she has faced ‘vilification’

Today you might have heard the story of the person who threw a Cat In The Bin. No, not the Cat in the Hat.

Did you know about the Dog Pooh Girl?
Well Dan Solove, one of the major Privacy Scholars and the author of ‘The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy On the Internet’ talks about what happened to this South Korean Girl with a worldwide reputation thanks to the online world. I have mentioned this story before as well as the case of the Star Wars Boy who actually decided to grow up Lawyer.

A longer version at the Google Authors

Google seaach results for ‘The Cat in the Bin

There have been so many reactions already on Twitter: this act was cruel and should be condemned or … I quite like @CharlesArthur reminding us of some less glorious times in the history of the human kind : “”Mein Fuhrer… reporters are here and here… they have seen through the disguise you used when you threw the cat into the bin…”
No one is totally innocent, isn’t he? Who want to be ashamed online?

UPDATE: How 4chan Brought the Evil British Cat Bin Woman to Justice.



  1. It’s disturbing to watch what that woman did to the cat but I was very surprised the householder had CCTV in front of their property. And even though what the woman did was appalling, it didn’t seem right that her action was filmed and being broadcast on the internet, without her knowledge.

    I watched the (very interesting) video. Dan Solove quite rightly says,”For the first time in history anyone can publish anything to the world”. He makes valid points about privacy and how people’s reputation can be ruined via the internet.

    I’m not sure what the answer is regarding Free speech vs Privacy. It’s quite a balancing act.

  2. The Cat in The Bin « IPrivacy4IT ? Clarinette's blog…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. Thanks Maureen for your comments. Yes what the women did was appalling and no doubt about that. What we don’t know, before judging her further, is the whole context that could explain what she did.

    She’s been identified by the RSPCA after a Facebook page was created. She’s at the moment under police protection. I read, the “West Midlands Police are taking her safety extremely seriously” and I can understand how people can be angry against her.

    Yes, as so well said by Daniel Solove, never in the history of the mankind, could send a message or image to spread so quickly, so easily, so cheaply by reaching such a wide, cross-border audience.

    The implications are lots of positive impact with some dangerous effect to learn to live with.

    @World Wide News Flash Thanks for linking to the story.

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