Posted by: Clarinette | August 24, 2010

Privacy Invasive Devices

Faster than privacy by design, privacy invasive tools are designed.
Recently in the news:
After Eric Schmidt’s comments on privacy / change of name, the ‘Finding your face anywhere on the internet‘ software allows you to be identified.

I had blogged previously about targeted advertising using cameras in public places to deliver specific advertisement adapted to the ‘face’ of the pedestrians.

Other software exists that can geographically locate people from pictures by analysing the picture background etc…
Smartphone, or other GPS-enabled digital pictures, are another way of geo-locating.
Following the recent Facebook changes, Tech Crunch is asking: ‘Your Facebook Friends Are Watching You—Did We Just Move Closer to 1984?“On the New Yor Times:
‘Web Photos That Reveal Secrets, Like Where You Live’

On TechFlash this time, William Carleton questions ‘The future of privacy law in the era of Foursquare and check-ins
As if simply geo-locating was not enough, here comes “geofencing“.
JP Manninen explains what “geofencing” is. It means “setting up a virtual perimeter—the ‘fence’ around a location, such as a restaurant. When people carrying cell phones across that perimeter, the system becomes aware that they are physically nearby and can push information to the phones, for example, a list of today’s specials.
“Geofencing” enables new location-based apps, raises privacy concerns.

Michael Zimmer blogged:
‘Google Acquires, and its Facial Recognition Technology
He concludes: “What remains to be seen is how carefully Google will consider the privacy implications of unleashing powerful face recognition technology on throngs of users.

What scares me is to know that so many kids or teens carry smartphones and can be tracked everywhere without their parents’ knowledge. A school nightmare! Imagine school trips incidents or even when kids are with parents like my kids’ friends this summer at a holiday resort, big enough for someone to approach them.
Where are the boundaries of paranoia vs security?


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