This Week on Copyright

‘Righthaven’s Brand of Copyright Trolling’ From the EFF: If you need Righthaven representation? Contact Eva Galperin at U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle hit with R-J copyright infringement lawsuit (Via Eric Goldman) RWW: ‘YouTube Loses in German Court: Held Liable for Copyrighted Videos’ ‘US told EU to hide ACTA from public’ – (ViaContinue reading “This Week on Copyright”

This week on Twitter Privacy Matter

This week’s highlight: Google’s Eric Schmidt Shown as Perverter of Privacy on Times Square Jumbotron ‘Google updates its privacy policy’ ‘Google to rank e-mails automatically’ Report: Facebook and the New Age of Privacy | Fast Company (Via @PrivacyCamp) ‘Huge Facebook Places Backlash Spreads Through Status Updates‘ ‘Google’s Earth’ ‘Is Digital Eavesdropping Evil? Depends Which CountryContinue reading “This week on Twitter Privacy Matter”