This week on Twitter Privacy Matter

This week’s highlight:

Google’s Eric Schmidt Shown as Perverter of Privacy on Times Square Jumbotron

‘Google updates its privacy policy’

‘Google to rank e-mails automatically’

Report: Facebook and the New Age of Privacy | Fast Company (Via @PrivacyCamp)

‘Huge Facebook Places Backlash Spreads Through Status Updates

‘Google’s Earth’

Is Digital Eavesdropping Evil? Depends Which Country Is Doing It (TCTV)‘ –

From the Giants:
Google settles Buzz lawsuit for $8.5M: Internet privacy groups will be the beneficiary of the settlement, which came…

“Facebook CEO wants to Keep Private Life out of Lawsuit”

In Social Media, Privacy Now Has To Be Part of the Sales Pitch

Apple adds social networking to iTunes (Via @WorkersCompAtty)

@TheEconomist on social divisions in online spaces quotes research by @Zephoroa, @EthanZ, @viegasf, @wattenberg:

La nouvelle carte d’identité allemande piratée par le Chaos Computer Club – Numerama (Via @epelboin)

German “secure” ID cards compromised on national TV, gov’t buries head in sand – Boing Boing (Via @boingboing)

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg wants his private life out of lawsuit –

‘The end of privacy affects us all
Words in the blogosphere are powerful things, as the William Hague case shows. We must learn to self-police this new world

Twitter says it will record all links clicked | Privacy Inc. – CNET News (Via @cnet)

Can Privacy Sell Ping?‘ – by @rivarichmond quoting @rcalo

“State Regulators Launch Smart Grid Working Group” (Via @PrivacyLaw: )

‘New survey by shows majority of Canadian Facebook users are changing their privacy settings. (Via @wisem)

A Net Neutrality Compromise Harms Privacy, Spreads Cybercrime (Via @@TRUSTe)

Germany to Pass Privacy Law to Limit the use of Facebook when Hiring – Via @rossamcmahon who adds: ‘Will Ireland Follow? A few years ago, Finland banned googling of prospective employees’

‘Andy Coulson discussed phone hacking at News of the World, report claims’ – H/T @tomwatson

Bye bye privacy: “Hand over data access: UN chief tells RIM” (Via @pathtotyranny)


‘Your smartphone has a camera, a micro, GPS, a web browser, texts, calls, calendars, contacts which can be traced back 2U’

”I Can Stalk U’: A ‘Please Rob Me’ for People Who Upload Photos to Twitter’ –

‘Schools Use Technology to Track Exact Whereabouts of Buses and Each Child’ –

BusinessWeek Blog: Privacy Policies: Not Just Cookiecutter

‘Update on GPS Tracking’

‘Enterprise-level IP Geolocation Made Available Via API’

‘Smartphones unwittingly stealing our privacy’
Identifying faces in a crowd in real-time
First ‘intelligent’image recognition technology stamp put on sale by Royal Mail, reports BBC News (Via @Fleming77)


Identifying faces in a crowd in real-time (Via @LossofPrivacy)

First ‘intelligent’image recognition technology stamp put on sale by Royal Mail, reports BBC News

Would you use biometric technology at an ATM? (Via molecule18)

EVENT: How Geolocation Technology is Changing the World (

From the Academics:

‘Fourth Amendment Pragmatism’
posted by Daniel Solove in Concurring Opinions

‘Harvard professor John Palfrey on understanding our wired kids, and what the future will look like when “digital natives” rule’

Privacy is individual’s ability to control info about him/herself. Great Schneier talk: (Via @Privacycamp)

Stanford Center for Internet and Society: Banking on Our Privacy… (Via @PrivacyLaw)

Privacy 3.0—A Reexamination of the Principle of Proportionality

Dizzied by Data
For the 10th-anniversary issue of The Chronicle Review, we asked scholars and illustrators to answer this question: What will be the defining idea of the coming decade, and why?
‘ by Daniel J. Solove

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