Posted by: Clarinette | September 13, 2010

French Administration In Fringe of Disconnection

Fabrice Epelboin, Editor of the ReadWriteWebFrance blog reports today that 40 French administration websites would have been hacked this week-end with access to sensitive documents.

France is country of law, ideal and justice.
The new regulations, resulting of the three strikes law and the HADOPI have created an obligation of securing networks. The non-compliance results to a fine of 1500 Euros which is probably a reasonable amount for ministerial budgets.
What about the obligation of keeping your network secured to escape disconnection?
Should the administration show the good example and share their tips to how they made it.

See the full article here: L’Etat Français coupable de non sécurisation de son accès à internet
A Google translation of this article.

On the same topic, see Bluetouff ‘Le scandale des sites gouvernementaux qui se négligent’ (in French)
Google translation ‘The scandal of government sites that fail’
For more background, a previous paper: HADOPI, ACTA, Digital Economy Bill: From Human Rights to Economic Rights
In French: HADOPI-ci, HADOPI-la, Le DPI me fait mal à ma democratie!
Anti-piracy Act or the cats and mice game?

P.S. : promet d’aider les internautes devant la CPD
EFF Seeks to Help Righthaven Defendants



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