Posted by: Clarinette | September 13, 2010

This beginning of the week in Privacy

Update 22/09/2010 : ‘More Early Facebook IMs And Emails Surface: “A Sucker Born Every Day”’
Update from BoingBoing Published on 14/09/2010 : ‘Damning Zuckerberg IMs confirmed
Forbes: A Lesson in Facebook Privacy Settings from CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Forbes describes The Facebook CEO as
‘a notoriously private person when it comes to the media.’
Not surprisingly, it reveals that ‘the soon-to-be-released “Social Network” — trailers suggest that the film about the founding of Facebook at Harvard will not portray Zuckerberg in the most flattering light.’
Of course, Zuckerberg has said not to have any plan to see the movie.
‘Zuckerberg wisely isn’t sharing his location details with non-friends, nor his status updates.’ as obviously, ‘Zuckerberg wisely isn’t sharing his location details with non-friends, nor his status updates. ‘
Of course ‘he and Facebook understand that we want to have different levels of openness with different people in our lives. ‘
You’ll notice that ‘Facebook’s guidelines won’t allow Sony to advertise the movie on the site.’
Thank you Mr Zuckeberg, you know how to protect your privacy and promote transparency and openness.

The Hollywood Reporter opens with: ‘Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg admits to the New Yorker that he did indeed once call users of his popular social networking website “dumb f***s.”

For the Huffington Post ‘The Social Network’ Movie Is Hard On Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

The New York Times is looking at the ‘Tales of Real-Life Zuckerberg‘ , ‘paranoid “insecure jerk” pressing his nose against the window of Harvard’s finals clubs’.

Should bw remember the “Embarrassing And Damaging” Zuckerberg IMs Confirmed By Zuckerberg, The New Yorker as reported by Nicholas Carlson ?


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