The Ministry of Sound is currently unavailable !!

Thanks to Lilian Edwards for pointing to this : ‘ACS:Law gets more of copyright fines than rights holders‘. Of course, rightss holders not to be confused with the artists.

Anonymous DDoS attack takes out Ministry of Sound

Davenport passed it onto ACS:Law who passed it onto Gallant Macmillan, acting on behalf of Ministry of Sound.

According to the Guardian, Gallant Macmillan law firm has been ‘seeking a court order to obtain personal details of hundreds of Plusnet customers. • 4.55pm: BT had its adjournment in the hearing of Ministry of Sound vs. Plusnet granted’.

ACS:Law: The view from the accused, and the questions in the courts

Technollama in ‘ISPs set to fight future IP data disclosure in the UK, explains that ‘Anonymous targeted MoS and Gallant Macmillan with denial-of-service attacks in their operation Payback over the weekend, and at the time of writing the Ministry of Sound website was still down.’

So is Gallant Mcmillan’s website still down.

Ironically, ACS:Law meets the downfall.

BT, probably ashamed, ‘seeks moratorium on internet piracy cases

La saga continue.

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