Posted by: Clarinette | October 5, 2010

Apple Apps threat to privacy?

Update, Tuesday 2nd of August:

CSO security: And here comes the trojan to listen to your conversations.

Smartphones are smart!
Hard not to look totally paranoia, seeing satanic powers everywhere.

Updates 6th October:

By Charles Arthur @ Guardian: ‘Is your private phone number on Facebook? Probably. And so are your friends #fb

Is Facebook subject to breach notification laws for revealing phone numbers?

Christopher Parsons: ‘Do You Know Who Your iPhone’s Been Calling?

‘iPhone apps transmit users’ UDIDs’
’68 percent of the 57 top applications in the Apple iTunes App Store sent out UDID information, back to a remote server, owned either by the application developer or an advertising partner.’

Thanks to Ryan Calo, we had seen on Twitter the report on privacy issues with iPhone apps.> (PDF). This was my earlier bit on smartphones and privacy privacy

More links on Apple issues compiled here: (just click on each pearl to access the website)



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