Posted by: Clarinette | October 22, 2010

Fast spread the news, fast opens the trap…

Update 23/10/2010:

Thanks to Marie Andree Weiss for pointing to the NYT article: ‘Marketers Can Glean Private Data on Facebook; on online advertising targeting specific categories of users such as the gay population. They refer of course to ‘two recent academic papers (that) show some potential pitfalls of such precise tailoring. ‘ bring out by Chris Soghoian.

‘Christopher Soghoian, a privacy advocate and research fellow at the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research at Indiana University. “Even if the company is trying to do the right thing, when they have this many users, they are going to be a target for bad guys.” ‘

When the study done by Aleksandra Korolova, a researcher at Stanford, came out and spread by few of us on Twitter, it didn’t make much noise. The study showed how ‘to find the age and sexual orientation of specific Facebook users by tailoring certain ads to their profiles.‘ It seems that the WSJ series of article are raising up interest on marketers behavior over personal data processing online.

Today in the news :

Social networks bring us closer to isolation‘ says the LA Times about ‘the suicide of a Rutgers University freshman after his roommate used a webcam to secretly capture his sexual encounter with a young man, and broadcast it on the Internet.’

On Facebook, privacy is Mission Impossible‘ says

InfoWorld asks: ‘Why Facebook is selling you out — and won’t stop

Sounds like really this is the way ‘le vent tourne’. Adapting to the situation becomes a priority,
All is fast, the news spread fast, the broadcast is free and goes fast,…
The traditional dichotomy private/public gets blurred.
Oh yeh, ‘Think B4 U Click’ should fast spread. The ‘car’ is not the only responsible for the ‘accident’, remember?

Dont miss out the webcast Twill #81 on Facebook and privacy and the suicide case discussions :
Denise Howell and Evan Brown
Privacy and Facebook, does Zuckerberg have a case against The Social Network?, Facebook sells your friends, and more.
Guests: Karl Susman and Marty Schwimmer’

All Facebook, the Unofficial Facebook resources in
« Is Facebook’s Proposed User ID Solution Sufficient?
Does Targeting Gays With Facebook Ads Push The Limits Of Privacy?
points to a ‘recent post by security researcher Christopher Soghoian …’on how Facebook advertising is targeted. According researchers from Microsoft and Germany’s Max Planck Institute wanted, Facebook would target ads based on sexuality.
Two solutions are suggested: 1) respect the use of sensitive data as a mean of advertisment,
2) Notifying the criteria used for targeting.
Wisely, Soghoian concludes: “I suspect that neither option is going to be something that Facebook is going to want to embrace.”

More on ‘Is Facebook Outing Gay Users to Advertisers?


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