Posted by: Clarinette | October 25, 2010

The Public Voice 2010 conference in Jerusalem

Last year, the Conference culminated with the adoption of the Civil Society Declaration of Madrid
On the agenda this morning, privacy and search engines, new technologies threat to privacy, and smart grids.
Reference to the work of Alessandro Aquisiti – “while the web doesn’t allow us to forget, our psychology doesn’t allow us to forgive”.
Josep Domingo-Ferrer’s research avail. here:
On the smart grid, the electric meter that spies on users, and reveal so much of your activities, age etc..: EPIC – The Smart Grid and Privacy
Michiel Karskens, Consumentenbond, NL talking about smart metering.
Lee Tien, avocat de l’Electronic Frontier Foundation, parle de la ‘surveillance’ #thepublicvoice
EN francais un document CNIL sur le sujet ‘Compteurs electriques intelligents et vie privee (CNIL) – ‘
Linky, le nouveau compteur EDF qui fait polémique
Ces compteurs sont prevus pour entree en application en 2012

You can follow the whole conference with #ThePublicVoice Daily: in Hebrew: ; Arabic:
My own #ThePublicVoice Daily is out: And translated into any language!



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