Posted by: Clarinette | November 17, 2010

Want Indian call centers to share your sensitive data ?

Update 10/01/2011
India to spy on every net user in country

Update 08/01/2011

A Vodafone outrage leak in Australia comes to confirm my fears. It wasn’t the Indian call center, still a case of Millions of customers highly sensitive data – name, home address, phone calls, credit cards details – published online and monetised.
READ: ‘Mobile security outrage: private details accessible on net

A rather long but interesting article, ‘Hyderabad Calling‘, by Christian Parenti, makes me want to share my concerns.

Think of these call centers image each time you call your BT Customer Service, Insurance Company or Bank.
How do you expect employees so unfairly treated, to treat your precious personal information with honesty ?

Remember, you give them your full name, date of birth, address, sometimes credit card numbers, passwords and what else?
How many times do you have to call, and how many people to share your information with, before your request would be dealt with?
Identity theft is a sharp reality. It does not happen often, it does not always get known and it is always hard to identify the leak.
What are our expectation of privacy or security when dealing with, as described in this article, an ‘Indian guy simultaneously juggles calls that include a suicide prevention hot line, tech-support for a broken TV, and, yes, phone sex. Needless to say, it goes badly.”
Yes, it goes badly, and can be worst.



  1. […] TalkTalk employees, like many telecom operators, have a huge turn over. They are usually not well payed and leave after a short time. I have previously posted on the treatment of staff in India Bangalore or elsewhere in these call centres or even data warehouses. We have already seen T-Mobile and Vodafone employees reselling data they had access to. ‘Want Indian call centers to share your sensitive data ?‘ […]

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