Twitter effect on natural catastrophes

Latest on Fukushima nuke plant incident, click on pearltrees to access the links. It was interesting to hear yesterday during the official conference press in Japan that authorities invited population to exclusively follow official recommendations. They discouraged them from following Facebook or Twitter and warn them against chain emails. Between different views and communications. IContinue reading “Twitter effect on natural catastrophes”

Is Free Speech Priceless or Worthless? (via THE TRIAL WARRIOR BLOG)

sensitive balance to find between free speech // freedom of information // freedom of press // privacy. Didn’t we said: my freedom stops when other freedom starts? I was interviewed by a Canadian Press journalist last week by phone about the impact of social media in the courtroom. This got me thinking about a fewContinue reading “Is Free Speech Priceless or Worthless? (via THE TRIAL WARRIOR BLOG)”

Google Gmail Glitch A Regular Pattern?

Over the time, Gmail has had failure that translates to no access or loss of emails. On the other hand, more and more institutions such as Universities or public bodies adopt Gmail. What to expect from a FREE service with no liability? This week, 15.000 accounts were deleted. Read more on my pearltrees and shareContinue reading “Google Gmail Glitch A Regular Pattern?”