Location, Location, Geolocation Selection

Update 29/04/2011: ‘Apple moves to reassure users on iPhone tracking concerns‘ ‘Two Michigan women file suit against Google in federal court over Android location data collection‘ ‘Apple sued over iPhone tracking‘ ACLU : ‘Your iPhone “Location Diary” and Apple’s Inadequate Response‘ The Register: ‘TomTom apologies for giving customer driving data to cops‘ Two programs: –Continue reading “Location, Location, Geolocation Selection”

From Tunisia to Bordeaux, the scary fired suicide!

You remember : Une honte ultime pour toute democratie, ‘Humiliation, dépression, démission: l’offre triple play de France Télécom‘ Near 60 FranceTelecom employees have committed a suicide, This is not China but France, France Telecom is an ex-state company with some employees coming from the civil services. Trying to humiliate to lay off 22.000 employees inContinue reading “From Tunisia to Bordeaux, the scary fired suicide!”