Location, Location, Geolocation Selection

Update 29/04/2011:

Apple moves to reassure users on iPhone tracking concerns

Two Michigan women file suit against Google in federal court over Android location data collection

Apple sued over iPhone tracking

ACLU : ‘Your iPhone “Location Diary” and Apple’s Inadequate Response

The Register: ‘TomTom apologies for giving customer driving data to cops

Two programs:
Tech Weekly podcast:’ Phone tracking, PlayStation hackers, the demise of IPv4
Aleks Krotoski, Charles Arthur and Jemima Kiss review the week’s technology news, including Sony’s warning to 77 million PlayStation Network users about the theft by hackers of their data, and the impact of phone tracking on privacy’.

– this week’s bbcclickradio now on the iPlayer

Apple does its own ‘Apple Q&A on Location Data

Calling the outrage – patented – a mistake…. a bug !! ‘Jobs Says Apple Made Mistakes With iPhone Data
Surely, ‘Mr. Jobs said that Apple will fix the mistakes in a free software update that it will release in the next few weeks.’

Marc Rotenberg, said “EPIC is commending Apple today for the changes to iOS4. Apple will reduce the storage of locational data, stop the transfer of this data from the device to the user’s computer, and allow users to delete all locational data. This is good news

Apple Redefines ‘Location’ to Justify Stalking

Is this enough to be satisfied?

Rarely had I seen a subject on Twitter running so fast than the iPhone/iPad tracking geolocation last week’s ‘Privacy Issue of the Day

Last week, ‘iPhone Location Tracking Draws Fire, Shrugs

Autrement dit, ‘Les téléphones équipés d’Android traquent aussi leurs utilisateurs
Aussitot, ‘la CNIL demande des précisions à Apple’

‘Big Apple, Big Google, Big Brother‘ ?

Wondered if any coincidence the news came out simultaneously with the figures of sales for the iPad/iPhone. Ok, stop being skeptical. Why should there be any relation between the success of Apple and the attacks against its products.

Maybe just because I have followed other news going un-noticed?
Like what?
Like that big one?
Smartphone Apps Quietly Using Phone Microphones And Cameras To Gather Data
From CNN: ‘Your most dangerous possession? Your smartphone’
Smartphone Apps Quietly Using Phone Microphones And Cameras To Gather Data
Do we realise ‘What Does Your Phone Know About You? More Than You Think

Who remembers that ‘54% of second-hand phones contain personal data
State Police can suck data out of cell phones in under two minutes Reports NetworkWorld:
‘The ACLU was quoted a half million dollars as the cost of FOIA request documents to determine if the Michigan State Police are violating Fourth Amendment rights when using high-tech mobile forensic devices to suck out cell phone data in under two minutes.’

Is this really an Apple exclusivity?
What does Androids collect? oh, ‘Android phones record user-locations according to research‘. But not the same way ! Not so easily extractable data.

Is this an accident? You know like the Google Street View cars collecting geo-location data as well as irouter password etc… accidentally… after they had applied for a patent?

Kashmir can be surprised for ‘Apple Filed a Patent Application in 2009 for What It’s Now Calling a ‘Bug’’

Now, that’s an amazing news from Gawker: ‘The spying iPhone is no accident. A recent Apple patent application reveals that the location-tracking dossiers accumulated in iPhones are to be used in apps from Apple and any number of other companies.’

Why Apple needs to keep record of everywhere you go? answered by the Guardian.
It’s Tracking Your Every Move and You May Not Even Know
iPhone secretly tracks user location, say researchers
How Apple tracks your location without consent, and why it matters’
Just like the Smart Towells?
Kashmir said ‘Cool or Creepy? Your iPhone and iPad Are Keeping Track of Everywhere You Go, And You Can See It

Meme en France, ‘Votre iPhone enregistre vos deplacements a votre insu

Is this an ‘iSpy Conspiracy: Your iPhone Is Secretly Tracking Everywhere You’ve Been‘ ?

What’s the business with Color?

Just like ‘Using Google Maps to Populate an Address in a SharePoint New Item Form’ ?

Because location can be used for Marketing? Did you know How to Use Geolocation in Your Marketing Initiatives ?

Larry Magid knows ‘The Scary Implications of the iPhone Tracking Everywhere You Go (Video)

Do really ‘Mobile phone users wary about privacy‘ ? Why Nielsen says that Mobile phone users wary about privacy?

If ‘Your iPhone Knows Where You Were Last Night. Who Else Knows?’

You might want to know ‘How to disable your iPhone’s creepy tracking feature

See the Apple tracker?

Ask the German Green Politician, Malte Spitz who learnt how to be ‘Betrayed by our own data‘.
Since, Publishing your every move has became the fashion.
See ‘Where @billt has been in the last few months. Courtesy of #iphonetracker’ says @garethM on Twitter preparing for the DigitalPlanet. http://bit.ly/fRqdXL

Don’t get paranoid?
Location based services are the future.
Smartphones our most intimate close mate.
Privacy is not dead.
The Citizen Lab wrote ‘No, iPhone location tracking isn’t harmless and here’s why
Embarassing when WSJ says ‘IPhone Stored Location in Test Even if Disabled

Atoms vs. Bits: Your Phone in the Eyes of the Law

Apple, Google summoned to Senate hearing on mobile device privacy

What’s Good About iPhone’s Location Tracking

Charles Arthur- The GuardianTech – said:

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go

Android phones record user-locations according to research


Windows Phones collect location data too, says Microsoft‘ –

FastCompany: ‘Why You Will Want Apple, Google To Track You
Quick Hits: Fallout Over Apple and Google Location Tracking Increases from Reputation.com

By Arstechnica: How Apple tracks your location without consent, and why it matters

The Atlantic ‘My Life According to the iPhone’s Secret Tracking Log

By Computerworld ‘iPhone secretly tracks user location, say researchers

Android just ousted iOS as the Mayor of location caching

How to disable #Apple’s creepy iPhone tracking

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