Crisis Camp 1st Meeting in Paris

Starting yesterday the first CrisisCamps in Paris is meeting at this new ‘Geeky’ place, la Cantine. Never been, I was very curious to see what it looks like. Have seen many good meetings being held at La Cantine, litteraly, ‘the cantine’ in English. I was invited to take part of the privacy panel this afternoon.Continue reading “Crisis Camp 1st Meeting in Paris”

Mass indexing Google profiles

Reading today, thanks to @-pidder_ post on Twitter : Student (@mrkoot) built a HUGE database of 35.000.000 Google Profiles. It contains 15.000.000 Gmail addresses. #privacy Matthijs R. Koot explains in his blog how, in February 2011, without even violating Google’s terms of use, he could ‘create a database containing ALL ~35.000.000 Google Profiles withoutContinue reading “Mass indexing Google profiles”

A parent/author/tech pundit’s view on how to teach kids privacy

My answer to a post by Anne Collier – NetFamily Anne reacts to the UK TEDx conference about privacy in a networked world of Cory Doctorow says “We want our kids to fight isolation with networks,” in a world that he says is training us to forgo privacy “in service to a business model” thatContinue reading “A parent/author/tech pundit’s view on how to teach kids privacy”

TalkTalk and the security of customer data

Update: ‘Indian call centres selling UK financial data for 25 pence a user ‘An investigation by The Sun found a former call centre worker who sold the bank account details, personal data such as job description and credit card numbers with the three-digit CVV security code of 1,000 users for £250.’ It is an undeniableContinue reading “TalkTalk and the security of customer data”

HADOPI a new episode of the mice and cat game

Thanks to IPthinkThank to bring my attention to a new episode of the mice and cat game run by the French Three Strikes law represented by it’s honorable institution HADOPI. TMG or Trident Media Guard has lacked to secure its network, exposing users’ personal data !!! Readmore: in ArsTechnica ‘ France halts “three strikes” IPContinue reading “HADOPI a new episode of the mice and cat game”

DSK, sexe, politique et argent, les langues se délient.

Update 3rd of July 2011: It seems like having acquaintance with drug dealers and lying to border offices justifies a rape or at least…. diminish your credibility to justify to free Dominique Strauss Khan from a HUGE bail and draconian surveillance to free until a non urgent court hearing. When will we hear about sexContinue reading “DSK, sexe, politique et argent, les langues se délient.”

Eva Joly sait de quoi elle parle, en France on étoufferait l’affaire.

Dans une video disponible sur Daily Motion, Eva Joly dit clairement qu’en France, l’affaire DSK aurait ete étouffée avant d’être transmise au parquet. Il est temps qu’on prenne les viols au sérieux en France. Eva Joly, candidate probable Europe Ecologie aux prochaines élections présidentielles en France, cette juge d’origine Norvégienne a la double nationalité, aContinue reading “Eva Joly sait de quoi elle parle, en France on étoufferait l’affaire.”

Pride and Prejudice, America’s Islands

If it is a plus for a democracy to treat every citizen equally in front of his justice, it is a shame for that democracy, the United States of America, to treat ANY citizen with that low dignity. The presumption of innocence is a basic principle of justice, guarantee of human rights and dignity. EveryContinue reading “Pride and Prejudice, America’s Islands”

DSK, The man who is accused of rape, could be innocent.

Good Monday morning to my readers. If you were too busy the week end to hear the cry of media about the arrest of Dominique Strauss Kahn, the French head of the International Monetary Found (I.M.F in Eng and F.M.I. in French), time to catch up. Saturday, early afternoon, the man, based in New York,Continue reading “DSK, The man who is accused of rape, could be innocent.”

Osama Ben Laden killing live on Twitter

You remember my post on ‘Twitter effect on natural catastrophes‘ Rather incredible, I have seen a lot of news coming out on Twitter, but the TWEETS OF OSAMA BEN LADEN’s BEING KILLED !! utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook Reported by The Global Voices : “Abbottabad, au Pakistan. Un utilisateur de Twitter, Sohaib Athar, qui tweete sur le compte @ReallyVirtual,Continue reading “Osama Ben Laden killing live on Twitter”