DSK, The man who is accused of rape, could be innocent.

Good Monday morning to my readers.
If you were too busy the week end to hear the cry of media about the arrest of Dominique Strauss Kahn, the French head of the International Monetary Found (I.M.F in Eng and F.M.I. in French), time to catch up.

Saturday, early afternoon, the man, based in New York, staying at the ‘Luxury’ Sofitel Time Square, had raped and sequestrated his hotel maid, then rushed to JFK airport to take a flight to ran away!!
Of course, Twitter was very fast alerted. It was reminded the man had already had a sexual affair in 2008 with an economist working at IMF. He is a sex mania and French on top.
He so rushed that he left his cellphone in his room.
Alerted, the powerful New York Police Department caught him on his plane before take off. He was arrested and kept in custody.

The story in 2008 had been cleared. IMF had hired a law firm investigating the case Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK) had not denied. It was not a case of rape or any influence of power. His wife supported him. In a post on her blog, later deleted, she even said they loved each other like the first day. Anne Sainclair is a talented and attractive French political journalist who interrupted her professional activities to avoid any interference with her husband’s functions. DSK had been married young and divorced a first time. In his sixties, he is father and grand father of 6 grand children.

A Euro believer, he was due to have a meeting with ANgela Merkel last night in Germany and participate to a big meeting of discussion around Greece. Probably one of the most powerful bankers in the world, he was also one of the favourite socialist candidates for 2012 France presidential elections. His biographer, Michel Taubman, doubt seriously he could be the sort of man raping a maid and running away although he would have always admitted his attraction for women.
As if driving a Porshe was not enough.

Many information came out about the man shortly after the news get viral on Twitter.
How on earth a powerful economic man could have such a behaviour?!!!
This cannot go free in the US and surely not in NYCT.
Within few hours, in the space of an afternoon, the victim had gone to the police and convinced them to rush to the airport and arrest the culprit.

Wait a minute, the culprit did we said?
yes, the whole media, before the Sunday rises, had pronounced the culpability verdict.
DSK’s reputation is stained for ever. He will have to prove his innocence and maybe a doubt will always hang over his head.
This is the era of fast borderless information.
Slowly, some doubt came out. Is he really a rapist?
Actually he did not flee and bought a last minute ticket. He was due to fly and the booking was done.
Now conspiracy or not conspiracy? Someone mentioned the Black Swan theory.

Well, as a lawyer, as a defender of Human rights, I strongly believe on the presumption of innocence unless otherwise proven guilty.

DSK has decided to plead not guilty, he has accepted to undergo all medical expertise.

Lets give him the chance to defend himself and bring him in front of a regular court of justice before judging him.

Online reputation and privacy are very sensitive matters.
I find it difficult to justify the demands of Max Mosley, which were actually rejected by the European Court of Justice, to notify before publication any ‘private’ information in the news. However, following a pubic judgement in the social media and news without proof is disturbing.

Read more:
DailyNews Saturday 14th May at 7:15pm ‘Top French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn dragged off flight at JFK, accused of sodomizing maid

NYT 14th May 2011: ‘I.M.F. Head Is Arrested and Accused of Sexual Attack
The Telegraph on Sunday 15th May 2011: ‘Dominique Strauss-Khan in sex book claims
Agression sexuelle, viol, séquestration, DSK nie tout en bloc’
What Are The Odds There’s A Plot Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn?
Le Post 15 Mai 2011: ‘DSK arrêté : un jeune UMP premier sur l’info

abcNews 15th May 2011: ‘IMF Chief Strauss-Kahn to Be Arraigned on Sex Charges

The Insider Sunday 15th May 2011: ‘On The Internet, The Past Isn’t That Old

Derniere nouvelle de Liberation: ‘DSK: la police de New York revoit l’heure de l’agression présumée’ DSK would have had an alibi: a lunch with his daughter.

Tres durs accusations de Michel Debre sur son blog.

‘”DSK out” à la Une (presse francaise)

Départ Sofitel : DSK “pressé, furieux et stressé” (NY Times)

‘”Au fond de lui, DSK est joyeux” (tribunes Libé)

Excellent article sur le devoir d’information des journalistes par Christophe Deloire co-auteur avec Christophe Dubois de ‘Sexus politicus’ (Albin Michel, 2006). Il dit avoir subit des pressions a la publication de son livre en partie a cause du chapitre consacré a Dominique Strauss Kahn et ses rapports avec le sexe. ‘L’étrange omerta des médias sur le cas DSK
J’ai toujours été frappée par le manque d’information des journalistes francais notamment dans l’affaire adultérine de Francois Mitterand, si longtemps gardée sous silence. Témoin d’une complaisance des journalistes avec le pouvoir.

Enfin s’exprime la deuxieme victime de cette affaire, l’épouse de DSK, la sublime Anne Sainclair. ‘Anne Sinclair: “Je ne crois pas une seule seconde aux accusations contre mon mari”‘. Alors que les accusations tombent de tout cotés et semblent accabler son mari, pour combien de temps encore aura-t-il son soutien?

Atlantico publie : ‘DSK : les extraits de rapports accablants’ difficile de croire que DSK plaiderait innocent en presence de traces de griffures sur son torse et de traces d’ADN. De plus, il semblerait que la police serait en possession d’une video de CCTV montrant la jeune femme sortir affolée de la chambre de DSK. Chambre numéro 2806, qui rapelle étrangement le 28 Juin.

Public Senat: ‘L’inculpation de DSK fait les choux gras de la presse internationale

L’avocat de Tristane Banon, journaliste et écrivain annonce que sa cliente se serait decidee de porter plainte contre DSK pour une affaire d’abus sexuel. Decidement du rebondissement.
Témoignage exclusif : la troisième affaire Strauss-Kahn’

‘(Reuters) – IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn appeared in court on Monday for the first time since he was accused of trying to rape a hotel maid in a case that sent shockwaves through French politics and left the IMF in turmoil.‘.
It is becoming more probable that DSK would spend his night in prison.The judge apparently fearing his flee. NY police would be investigating another case against DSK.

‘IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Charged With Rape, Sexual Abuse, Unlawful Imprisonment

DSK lawyers seem to be negotiating his conditional freedom trying to convince the judge that he had not tried to flee NY as the flight had been booked weeks ago.His daughter lives in NY, his wife, Anne Sainclair has just arrived at the audience. He would have accepted a residence in NY during the investgations for a sum of 1 million dollars bail.

The Guardian.UK : ‘IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn refused bail on sex assault charges Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who denies the charges, remanded in custody in New York over fears he might flee the US’

Despite all his argumentation, DSK will have to wait the grand jury audience to decide his liberation.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn appears in court over sexual assault charge

Financial Times: ‘Strauss-Kahn’s arrest costs Greece an ally‘ Not the best for the European Financial crisis situation. An Amercian might head the IMF.

The Huffington Post reveals ‘Dominique Strauss-Kahn Faces Rape Charges As Another Woman Comes Forward’

The accusations Criminal Court Complaint.

Video of his first court appearance. ‘IMF Chief Denied Bail in Sex Assault Case

A big surprise for French to see US treating that way such a high profile politician. Like any other criminal ‘supposed to be’ ‘Strauss-Kahn Spends Night on Rikers Island‘. Not the best place to stay in Harlem. How he must have been missed his 3.000$ suite in the Sofitel.
Bail was refused by the judge under the fear that he had already tried to flee and France has no extradition agreement with the US. Hard to know if Polanski’s case has anything to do with that. France has also had Gerard Depardieu who had sexual assault issues in the US. Something was mentioned about another case to be investigated against DSK in California. No more mention about such a case in the media. It is something to see his face, no word, looking like a child trapped doing something he shouldn’t. One thing is sure, he lost his political carrier.
We still have the two options uncleared.
If guilty, he should serve as an example to all who think power and money buys everything and all is allowed. Unfortunately, this is not the first case of sex abuse in politics. Berlusconi hopefully would be watching. The ‘affaire Dufour’ recently publicised by Wikileaks revelations, concerned a wide pedophile network in the circle of Belgian politicians.
He still could be innocent, in which case, it is hard to believe how fast all this machinery was launched and his name was dirtied.
It’s make something to see him treated such a way and he was lucky to be able to pay the two most expensive lawyers to defend his case. Still his offer of 1 million Dollars bail was rejected.
That would have never happened in France, seeing him with handcuffs, send on jail and not even in individual cell are ‘impensable’ in France. He would surely have benefited of more respect of his privacy. A longer process before he the judicial machinery would be launched. Can’t say which system is best.

The WSJ Europe reveals DNA results from blood stains on DSK bed at the hotel, justifying ‘IMF Chief Denied Bail in Sex Assault Case‘ to be rejected.

Nearly wishing him he was guilty, at least he would know why he is paying.

The winner for sure are his political opponents in his position in favour of financial help to Greece, and the French presidential candidates, Marine Le Pen (Front National) and Sarkozy. Other socialist candidates don’t have big hopes at this stage.

Big news : DSK did have sex with the maid he is alleged to have assaulted, according to the New York Post.

7 thoughts on “DSK, The man who is accused of rape, could be innocent.

  1. La présomption d’innocence ? Pourquoi pas, mais vu les multiples antécédents de cet homme… S’il avait été du côté du mauvais côté du manche, cad du côté du FN, la classe politico-médiatique aurait jubilé ! Madoff, Polanki, Mitterrand, Cohn-bendit…Dsk n’est qu’un de plus !

    1. The maid is of course the first victim, if proved she has been aggressed. For now, presumed victim.

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