HADOPI a new episode of the mice and cat game

Thanks to IPthinkThank to bring my attention to a new episode of the mice and cat game run by the French Three Strikes law represented by it’s honorable institution HADOPI.

TMG or Trident Media Guard has lacked to secure its network, exposing users’ personal data !!!

Readmore: in ArsTechnica ‘

France halts “three strikes” IP address collection after data leak’

In TorrentFreak : ‘French Hadopi “3 Strikes” Anti-Piracy Company Hacked

Pour Numerama: ‘Fuites de données de TMG : l’Hadopi prend l’affaire “très au série

Et aussitôt le lendemain, ‘URGENT : l’Hadopi suspend ses liens avec TMG
Parallelement, ‘Hadopi : l’éditeur du logiciel de sécurisation ISIS en liquidation judiciaire
Bluetouff voudrait bien croire que ce serait ‘Le honeypot de TMG

You still think ‘securing network’ is possible?
Le jeu en vaut-il la chandelle?
In other word, where is the principle of proportionality? the balance of rights? Could the Three Strikes law, and the Digital Economy Bill and ACTA achieve their goal?

You remember ‘HADOPI, ACTA, Digital Economy Bill: From Human Rights to Economic Rights‘ ?
See more on this blog on the balance of rights and HADOPI

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