A parent/author/tech pundit’s view on how to teach kids privacy

My answer to a post by Anne Collier – NetFamily Anne reacts to the UK TEDx conference about privacy in a networked world of Cory Doctorow says “We want our kids to fight isolation with networks,” in a world that he says is training us to forgo privacy “in service to a business model” thatContinue reading “A parent/author/tech pundit’s view on how to teach kids privacy”

TalkTalk and the security of customer data

Update: ‘Indian call centres selling UK financial data for 25 pence a user ‘An investigation by The Sun found a former call centre worker who sold the bank account details, personal data such as job description and credit card numbers with the three-digit CVV security code of 1,000 users for £250.’ It is an undeniableContinue reading “TalkTalk and the security of customer data”