Posted by: Clarinette | June 7, 2011

Fly A Kite

Summer Holidays are already their for some of us or soon coming. If you are wondering how to occupy your kids, why not introducing them to the joy of a kite associated with a fun learning.
Join us with your own kite and choose your online safety slogan. We are hoping to raise safety awareness with our kites around the world. Lets spread the word. Encourage discussions with kids around net citizenship and combat cyberbullying.
We’d love to have them fly in the clouds for a fun Run A Kite event.
Don’t think because it’s winter where you are that you don’t have to join in. We’d love to see Australians and friends from New Zealand and others from every side of the world to join us.
They are many websites online where to get inspired on making kites. Choose you safe site. Make your kites and join the open group Fly A Kite group on Facebook or if you don’t wish to join Facebook, just spread the word around and make groups. We’d love to see your kites pictures and your slogans.
This summer, don’t be a cyberbully…fly a kite! (Rebecca Herold, the PrivacyProf).
Internet is fun!



  1. Excellent therapy for young minds and bodies … brilliant idea, I’m behind you 100%.

    I shall spread the word.


    • Thanks Lady, we need every support and especially yours. I know your engagement on child safety.
      Hoping this summer our kids will have fun creating their own kites, researching online safety resources and finding their slogans while discussing with grownups to exchange their knowledge of best online behavior. I dream to see all these kites up on the sky, reaching the clouds of safe surfing. Our aim is to have a Run A Kite event at the end of the summer. All helps are welcome.

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