Posted by: Clarinette | July 15, 2011

The Fly A Kite Project

The Fly A Kite website is up, so is the Fly A Kite Website Facebook Group and Page. The first Fly A Kite event, KiteUp, will run this Saturday July 16, at 11am at the Columbus Commons (160 S High Street Columbus, Ohio), organised by Deb Dobson. What happens at a KiteUp? Bring your own kite or the materials to make one. Bring kids, or simply the kid in you, and come fly a kite for a good cause. (For more information or to learn more about this new organization, contact Deb Dobson at or go to

More similar events around the glob are needed to raise awareness. The website will launch debates and provide resources, to make the kites yes, but mostly to learn and educate parents, educators and kids on the issues and benefits of the online world. We are aiming for a big Run A Kite event at the end of the summer. Meanwhile we need all experts to join us, talking cyberbullying, talking online privacy, talking security,….

Netcitizenship is something to learn, it can’t be simply regulated without harm to individual fundamental rights.

Lets all take part to what is the future of the new generations.

About FlyAKite Project:

Fly A Kite is a private initiative launched by Internet Technology and Telecom Lawyer Tara Taubman, with the great help of a bunch of volunteers, to educate and raise awareness on the digital world and online safety. New tools are available on the market, which have many features but also many dangers. Today, Internet access has reached the arena of Human Rights. Many of our daily life actions involve Internet access. Kids at school benefit from the tremendous opportunities offered by e-learning. We believe that censorship and filtering are not the best solutions for secure surfing.
Things to consider:
The law cannot cope with the pace of the fast evolving new technologies.
Internet cross-borders and many national legislations are in conflict.
The concept of privacy has a large cultural component. American privacy is not German privacy, neither Arab privacy.
We still believe privacy exists in the age of the Internet and social networking.
Privacy is control over your audience. Privacy is not secrecy.
We promote transparency and respect for users’ rights.
EU regulations put emphasis on users’ consent. We ask for transparency to allow informed consent. Terms or services or privacy policies are far too fastidious for anyone to read.
We wish to take this summer vacation opportunity to ask everyone to go and Fly a Kite, say no to bullying, think about best online behaviour, find your slogans, and come up with a few principles of net citizenship.
We would like many pictures – no faces shown – of our Kiters with online safety slogans to publish on our site.
We are hoping to organise successful Fly A Kite Kiteups around the globe. We want this to be an opportunity to inform and raise awareness on the benefits and the dangers of the digital world. We want to learn from each other and share our knowledge. We won’t all agree, but we hope we all listen and invoke thought.
If you share these principles, why not join us? Every bit of contribution helps. We need writers, thinkers, commentators, sponsors —, and why not funding? — to organise a very successful Run A Kite event at the end of the summer.


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