DSK Carlton affair – the Many Ways of saying Women

Follow up DSK Carlton affair trial! here

First DSK TV interview in English with CNN since he resined, about this Carlton affair. Interestingly, DSK persist to not respond on the case itself based on the private nature of his relation with Nafissatou Diallo. He admits he made a mistake to think he could disintangle his private behaviour from his public persona. He says his mistake was to believe such ‘heterodox’ behaviour was acceptable. What happened in this room was a private thing he insists. He doesn’t think he has a problem with women The US attorney says there is ‘nothing’, Yes, but only because the witness word was put in doubt. Hence he setlled in civil for big money, DSK says this was to avoid a long legal battle. We can agree on one point with DSK, the perp walk is against the presumption of innocence.

“Despite his insistence that the encounter was consensual, Strauss-Kahn stepped down from his $500,000 job at the IMF. Forensic evidence showed that a sexual encounter had occurred and a grand jury indicted him on seven counts, including sexual abuse and attempted rape, but prosecutors dropped the charges after concluding Diallo had lied about some details of the alleged attack.”

http://edition.cnn.com/2012/12/19/world/europe/france-dsk-carlton-case/index.html?eref=edition&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter   The minutes of custody published today by the daily Le Monde teach us a lot on the vocabulary of a certain leadership class in France. If you were told by your old fashion French teacher that ‘lady’ should be translated by ‘femme’, please read carefully and consequently adapt your language. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the IMF,  referres to young ladies as “luggage” and “gifts” when planning his alleged sex orgies according to a leaked transcript of the police questioning. He is a man of efficiency. Why waisiting time learning individual names when ‘objects‘ can be collectively addressed? He is a charming old man and the number of these young ladies overpass his typing capacities when texting his fellow party goers. Using ‘luggage‘ , ‘gifts‘ or ‘equipment‘ are enough for this busy 62-year-old man. According to these published documents he would have said :

“Will you come discover a magnificent sexy club with me in Madrid (and ‘equipment’) on July 4 ? “Another time, he uses a paraphrase, those that” have in his baggage. “ And even talks, one day, about a mysterious “gift” offered to the painter Titouan Lamazou .

This is all good fun and proxenetism is not a criminal offense under the French law. Unless…. DSK was more involved to this international Pimping operation. He had said to have no knowledge these ‘stuffs‘ were prostitutes. Never thought asking them what they did in life. He just had a very socialist way of sharing the ‘materials‘ ‘collectively‘ with friends. As one of the pinups has said to the Belgian police, she would have tried to resist “to the exercise imposed by DSK. Marion said that David Roquet, head of a subsidiary of Eiffage, grabed her wrists “with each of his two hands to [the] prevent movement.” No man in the room is involved. “The escorting is not like prostitution at 30 euros, Marion notes. Rarely people lack respect as did DSK and [David] Pug “boss of a subsidiary of construction group Eiffage.” There was never any relationship or constraint imposed, ” retorts DSK which sees in these statements” lies “,” error “or” pressure “.” DSK insisted know how Aurélie was paid because he wanted todeal directly with her and not through Fabrice, “says Marion. Which DSK denied. This sounds more like rape than simple fun. As a head of IMF at the time, we can wonder how much DSK was influenced in his positions by the ‘gifts‘ he was receiving. Don’t you think?

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