Humanity Connected is God?

Humanity Connected is God

Thank you to my online friend Euan Semple for sharing this very interesting talk/testimony. It is a shame to see that humans too often care more about a regretted deceased than they have compassion for the ones in live.
Internet connects humans, internet shares knowledge and opens the world. I am constantly amazed by the speed and the scale of the spread online. Internet is a catalyst, an amplifier, for the best but also the worst of what humans do. Hence, yes, I do have faith on the internet and the inter-connectivity of people and the world knowledge.
Free access to the Internet has to be a human right. Copyright yes, but not for a lobby of powerful industries.
Security and online safety yes but no censorship and creepy surveillance (Deep Packet Inspection and et al)
I love to see when I curate articles on a subject, I can share and discuss it with connected ‘friends’ around the world. With my Pearltrees, I can instantaneously see what else is being curated around the world. An interconnection of a click that can reach so far, so fast! Just amazing!

I should have added that thanks to this sharing and the wealth of knowledge made available, learning has become not only easy, accessible but also fun and enjoyable. From learning languages to complicated mathematical concept available for free online, should it be the MIT courses or any Khan Academy videos, so many podcast on technology, history, science, etc… I share my resources on Pearltrees, crowd sourcing and spreading.

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