Would you like to join CopyrightX to learn more about Copyright issue?

First introductory video posted online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aicOMCjUJKI&feature=youtu.be
The video of the event can be watched here

CopyrightX, is the new EdX distance-learning course on copyright to be offered under the auspices of the EdX initiative in the spring of 2013. The course will explore the current law of copyright and the ongoing debates concerning how that law should be reformed. Through a combination of pre-recorded lectures (by Prof. Fisher), live webcasts, and weekly online seminars (led by Harvard Law School teaching fellows), participants in the course will examine and assess the ways in which law seeks to stimulate and regulate creative expression.

If you wish to self study, the course materials should be made as widely available as possible online. Copies of all of the components of the CopyrightX course will be posted at the following address: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/people/6/CopyrightX_Homepage_2013.htm.

The “special events” will be webcast and can be watch live in conjunction with the course.

These materials would enable you, if you wished, to construct a self-study distance-learning course that would parallel the CopyrightX course itself.

I am hoping to organise a “satellite” course, as suggested by the organisers. We can create a group of people interested in studying Copyright together. Members of the group can study the materials, we can then meet online, using Google hangout for instance and discuss the issues and problems raised by those materials. If you are interested , please send me your email and express your interest under ‘comments’. Hope to create a vibrant group with animated discussions.

Read more about the course syllabus and materials curated on my Pearltrees.
P.s.: Text largely copied from Dr Fisher

6 thoughts on “Would you like to join CopyrightX to learn more about Copyright issue?

  1. Good morning Clarinette,

    I’m very interested in joining your Copyrightx satellite group. My background is in Civil Litigation as a Paralegal. I’m looking forward to this opportunity.

  2. Hi clarinette, nice initiative. I am interested in joining your satellite group. In fact I feel lost, I saw a google group. It seems to be full of people, but it doesn’t seem to be really running, and then I came accross your comment with a link to this blog page.
    So where – on which platform or so – do you lead this satellite class ? I’d be happy to join and learn with you !

  3. Hello Jacques Peron. This is a Professor W. Fisher and Berkman Center initiative. I am only leading the satellite group to learn together. The materials are posted online. I have setup the Google+ group for us to work together. It has all just started this week. You can jump into the group, start watching the videos. I leave a bit of time for everyone to grab the materials and get familiarized before starting group discussions. We might also have a physical meeting in London at some point. Most of the work will be done online. Remember, it’s a six months course ending May 2013. This is another tool I use personally to curate links http://www.pearltrees.com/#/N-u=1_72898&N-pw=-1&N-f=1_7298664&N-s=1_7298664&N-p=69817335&N-fa=818179
    Hope this will help. Let me know if you needed any more information. Tara

    1. Thank you very much, Tara, and yes the idea of a satellite group using this material is just great. See you in the group ! Best, Jacques.

  4. Hi Clarinette. Nice blog you have here. How’s your CopyrightX satellite course going? I’m brand new to WordPress so pardon if I’m a bit slow on figuring it out.

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