The Future of the Digital Music

CC Tara Taubman
CC Tara Taubman

What has changed in the music world?
Like everything, Internet plays the amplifier: bigger scale in spread and speed, free broadcast, higher reach, perfect quality duplication.
So what about digital music ? You don’t buy anymore, you get a lease. The music is not yours. You cannot sell it, not even transfer its property for free. After your death ? All will disappear. Actually, many even loose all their purchased music before, with the death of their device.
That’s all good for the music industry.
What else? No packaging, no stock, no store, no vendor. Minimal distribution cost. Higher benefit.
So why do artists don’t make more money?
Why is that the music industry is lobbying for more anti counterfeiting measure, Deep Packet Inspection and censorship?
Let’s look at what happened with the cinema. Al these warnings that home recording and TV will kill it all? Look at the results: French cinema this year had its best results ever! Le Monde May 2015 :<a href=””&gt; “Le Cinema Francais via bien, Merci”</a>
Not enough that technology evolves, you want it or not, the market will be ever strong as long as the quality is there.
<a href=””>Brian Solis slides on the future of digital music and artistry </a>

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