The eCommerce Directive: A shield for ISPs…. Or a stick with which they may be beaten?

The Electronic Commerce Directive (00/31/EC), in the footsteps of the 2000 Lisbon European Council, aim was set to ensure the free movement of “Information Society Services” throughout the European Community. To encourage greater use of E-commerce by breaking down barriers across Europe and to boost consumer confidence and trust by clarifying the rights and obligationsContinue reading “The eCommerce Directive: A shield for ISPs…. Or a stick with which they may be beaten?”

Mass indexing Google profiles

Reading today, thanks to @-pidder_ post on Twitter : Student (@mrkoot) built a HUGE database of 35.000.000 Google Profiles. It contains 15.000.000 Gmail addresses. #privacy Matthijs R. Koot explains in his blog how, in February 2011, without even violating Google’s terms of use, he could ‘create a database containing ALL ~35.000.000 Google Profiles withoutContinue reading “Mass indexing Google profiles”

Google is polluting the internet and our identities

‘We have public libraries. We need a public search engine.‘ Doesn’t that sound a legitimate cry? This is how Micah White opens his article in the Guardian : ‘An advertising agency has monopolised, disorganised, and commercialised the largest library in human history. Without a fundamental rethinking of the way knowledge is organised in the digitalContinue reading “Google is polluting the internet and our identities”

News of the day

Thanks to my friend Rebecca Herold for pointing out this infographic on How RapLeaf Spies On Your Online Habits There has been a lot of press recently about RapLeaf. Jessica Bennett in Newsweek reveals ‘What the Internet Knows About You’ Eric Goldman in his blog, Technology and Marketing Law ‘My RapLeaf Profile is Amusingly Mistaken.Continue reading “News of the day”

Life under digits

Update 20/03/2012 This could article could have been titled ‘when reality catch up with science fiction‘. How to believe that your refrigerator is reporting you to the CIA or your flat screen TV is watching you? Well, it’s all true, read by yourself : – ‘CIA: We’ll spy on you through your refrigerator‘ – ‘Is Your NewContinue reading “Life under digits”