A Battle Against the SOPA/PIPA Prohibition

So much has been said, wrote, battled about the Stop Online Piracy Act and its twin Protect IP Act. I have curated diverse views on SOPA/PIPA on my Pearltrees. You can click on each pearl to access the link content: Some of the main issues, apart from the DNS blocking in itself and the threatContinue reading “A Battle Against the SOPA/PIPA Prohibition”

HADOPI a new episode of the mice and cat game

Thanks to IPthinkThank to bring my attention to a new episode of the mice and cat game run by the French Three Strikes law represented by it’s honorable institution HADOPI. TMG or Trident Media Guard has lacked to secure its network, exposing users’ personal data !!! Readmore: in ArsTechnica ‘ France halts “three strikes” IPContinue reading “HADOPI a new episode of the mice and cat game”

HADOPI Free resistance

In this article – in French – Guillaume Champeau from Numerama brings his view on why the French ISP Free is refusing to cooperate and send the email#1 warning of the three strike scheme. ‘Comment Free bloque l’Hadopi et tacle Frank Riester au passage’ If email#1 is missing, no registered mail starting point and noContinue reading “HADOPI Free resistance”


Update 21st October: A rather sad compilation on the suicide saga at France Telecom from 2007 to 2010. Up to date, near 60 , yes SIXTY, FranceTelecom employees have committed a suicide. Une honte ultime pour toute democratie, ‘Humiliation, dépression, démission: l’offre triple play de France Télécom‘ Near 60 FranceTelecom employees have committed a suicide,Continue reading “THIS WEEK ON THE NEWS”

French Administration In Fringe of Disconnection

Fabrice Epelboin, Editor of the ReadWriteWebFrance blog reports today that 40 French administration websites would have been hacked this week-end with access to sensitive documents. France is country of law, ideal and justice. The new regulations, resulting of the three strikes law and the HADOPI have created an obligation of securing networks. The non-compliance resultsContinue reading “French Administration In Fringe of Disconnection”

This Week on Copyright

‘Righthaven’s Brand of Copyright Trolling’ From the EFF: If you need Righthaven representation? Contact Eva Galperin at eva@eff.org http://bit.ly/cEnQcL U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle hit with R-J copyright infringement lawsuit (Via Eric Goldman) RWW: ‘YouTube Loses in German Court: Held Liable for Copyrighted Videos’ ‘US told EU to hide ACTA from public’ – http://bit.ly/9yqfli (ViaContinue reading “This Week on Copyright”

HADOPI-ci, HADOPI-la, Le DPI me fait mal à ma democratie!

Cherchez le symbole, la fete internationale du Travail du 1er Mai aura été choisie pour le lancement de la HADOPI. Apres avoir débattu la ‘net neutralité’ durant l’ARCEP, la HADOPI dévoile ses armes: la DPI ou la Deep Packet Inspection. On parle-meme de ‘mouchard’ s’installant sur le disque dur de l’utilisateur. ‘HADOPI : Le DeepContinue reading “HADOPI-ci, HADOPI-la, Le DPI me fait mal à ma democratie!”

The most amzing tool ever:the Pearltrees

I can’t wait before sharing my new toy. No, not just a toy but an amazing useful tool. I had been looking for a tool to aggregate my various readings by theme, and here came this morning, after a quick look at Patrice’s tree, I decided to jump in and start my own pearltree, ThereContinue reading “The most amzing tool ever:the Pearltrees”

Why should we all pay for the Music Industry?

In the middle of all Tweets on DigitalBritain, HADOPI, Loppsi and other tentative of control and internet censorship from Spain (1) to France (2) or UK passing by the worst dictatorship scheme envisaged in Italy (3), ‘une lueur d’espoir’, a gleam of hope. In Monday View: The copyright crackdownCharles Dunstone, CEO TalkTalk Group http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/news/opinion/article.html?in_article_id=497707 FromContinue reading “Why should we all pay for the Music Industry?”